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Ophelia's Gown

“I'd give you some violets, flowers of faithfulness...“

Ophelia. (Hamlet: Act4, scene 5, page 9)
waist line of an embroidered dress

What if Shakespeare would have given Ophelia a chance to stay alive? What if the love story could have been developed? What if the main heroes would have let their relation some intensity?

a part of embroidery on going
the bodice of an embroidered dress

The image of Ophelia is outstandingly lyric and full of symbolism and metaphors. She, being one of the principal heroes in the narration represents marvellous femininity being innocent. Her madness is her treasure and her curse— her own way to display wisdom and faithfulness.

close up of an embroidered dress with violets
a fragment of an embroidery with violets
name tag in a dress

This gown is inspired by the story of Ophelia‘s love and tragedy.

full size embroidered dress

The image of violet is a metaphor that keeps her sadness, dreams, and hopes, deep shades of purple reveal her sorrow and pain.