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Masha Reprintseva

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One of the most exciting things concerning embroidery work is that any embroidered piece, even being made in an awkward corner of a workshop, paradoxically, has a chance to live a long and noble life. It may live far longer than any human does.

My name is Masha. I was born in Moscow in 1987.

I am a self-taught, quite an avid learner, maker, tailor, embroiderer, work from home. I do not have a fancy studio, because always thought that, we can make a special corner for ourselves and our own needs and crafts wherever we are.

Since my childhood, I keep my hands busy with embroidery and sewing, stitching and making things. I feel that creation provides numerous ways for self-expression. While crafting, you unveil the inner part of you, the outlook, prioritise your values and express love.

For about twelve years I have been taught to be somebody else: a teacher of foreign languages, a linguist-researcher, a psychologist, however my inner Self had another point of view.

I am very passionate about art. I feel fascinated by various ways of making things, the use of different artistic media, materials, and techniques, styles, and proportions. I respect the rules and the traditions of classical art, at the same time, I adore the fluency and the pace of modern artists breaking these rules and setting their own.

The world of art and craft - is another Universe for me. It is a refuge to hide from the fuss of everyday life and to heal emotional instability.

Intuitively I use various artistic media for expressing myself, learning and exploring the world. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Every artist was first an amateur”, the understanding of this idea keeps me going and practising, elaborating patience, the stability of emotions and the desire to acquire more.

Once I understood that the process of making "heals" and, nowadays I try to explain this idea to those who experience emotional instability, trouble feeling and lack of confidence - the same as I went trough, coping with impostor syndrome and emotional disorder. By own example I try to give a hand of support to those who need it. Through this, I develop some supportive energy for my own needs. That keeps me going.