Since ancient times, embroidery as a way of textile design has been a sign of good taste, wealth and respect for traditions. Using such simple materials as thread and fabric, women made monumental pieces, transforming a plain textile piece into a sculpture-like surface.

Whitework embroidery and goldwork, high-relief and pulled-thread embroidery, needle-lace and needle painting - found in many cultures. From east to west, artisans have always been demonstrating dazzling skills and artistic imagery. Possessing rather minimal tools and materials, they had extremely talented minds.

My roots keep a record of huge family history. There, females had their hands in various types of embroidery and textile decoration. Some of my grandmothers did cutwork, and some did goldwork embroidery. Great-grandmothers weaved and stitched Gorkovskiy guipure. Many of their fabrics weaved on a hand-loom were decorated with hand-crocheted trims which they made too. And, I am happy to own these saved antiques today, being proud of my predecessors' memory and carrying on the art and craft as these ladies did many years ago.