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Flora's Gown

scale mannequin size 1/8

Female beauty enchanting and impressive gift which leads the creativity of various artists since ancient times. Feminine shapes, complexions, and proportions are typically compared to natural creations like gemstones and flowers.

fragment of an embroidery
the bodice of an embroidered dress
the back side of an embroidered dress

On thinking about the idea for this dress I imagined a traditional expression of female beauty, which is gathered from the shape of an hourglass, a dancing layered skirt which keeps a seductive secret and the petals of blooming flowers blown with the wind.

close up of an embroidered dress

There are many different techniques applied for making. The flower design is hand-stitched with cotton, silk and metal threads. The flowers are made of silk organza, shaped and gathered by hand, accompanied by meditatively swaying moss-green feathers.

full size embroidered dress