Embroidery in Interior Design


Embroidery in Interior Design

Various traditions of embroidery endured the test of time, making their way to the modern world. They strengthened their positions in fashion and interior design today.

The ideas of sustainable fashion and home renovation dictate to give a chance to good old things and to choose quality, instead of using mass-market items. Moreover, embroidered linens, curtains and pillows, monogrammed tea towels, tablecloths and napkins are heirlooms that reveal the traditions of a particular home and a family.

Stitched items take their place in bedrooms, living rooms and furniture, providing an artistic touch to every home design.

Embroidered decorations add uniqueness and luxury to any room. They fit perfectly in the emerging mix of contemporary and classic interior themes that many homeowners indulge in today.

Since a wide variety of fabrics, fibres, and materials are used for embroidery - it is easy to find the best-suit material, come up with a design, and fit it perfectly into any conception.

Old and new ideas come together, creating gorgeous home furnishings, walls, and floor decorations, exploring unusual materials and blends of traditional techniques into modern interiors.