a photo album with an embroidered design on the cover is held in hands

Myrtusworkshop is a project that unites my love for embroidery and keeping the family tradition of taking photos and making albums. It took a long time before I came to a certain understanding of how a perfect album should look like. I applied different methods of bookbinding and decoration, experimented with shapes, elements, conceptions, moods and, reached what I show to you today.

The story began in 2012 when I made the first album of this kind for my family. Since then I stitched and gathered about two hundred custom-made albums for friends, acquaintances and just those, who are passionate about craft. To my huge surprise, I have found so many people who love my handwork. I enjoy applying different kinds and techniques of embroidery, finding my way of telling stories. That gives me a chance to express myself. Moreover, embroidery makes each album very special.