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The Unseen Hues

“Human action can be modified, to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed.”

Abraham Lincoln

To this world, we come with a set of inherited “prospects” of our development, dictated by genes. Some are black, white, or surrounded by people who bring their offspring in an environment natural to their community, traditions and mindset. Some people are born a bit different in the colour of their skin, shape, race or sexual nature. Some face misunderstanding in society, which is likely to disregard human special needs or other particularities. Some may judge them by the sides different from standard norms, banish their "imperfections", being blind to their true colours.

a glass with red organic dye and a pice of cloth

This sort of “colour blindness” is different from the hereditary disorder, when due to the absence of a cone cell in the eye, a person might perceive the colours as differently, instead of seeing red as a distinct colour, a person sees it as beige, dusty, off-white.

scraps hand-dyed red

Ignoring the nature of a human creates an ideology of a “colourblind community" that denies its own negative experiences of discrimination, rejects the cultural heritage, psychological needs and other human values of those who are somehow different. This rejects the individuality and unique perspectives of a human.
As a result, in a “colourblind” society, most minorities encounter social misunderstanding - their authentic “red” loses intensity becoming greenish or yellow.

threads stretched for weaving

This issue reminds me of the process of blood decomposition. When blood cells die, haemoglobin (which makes blood red) breaks down into globin and heme. The heme breaks apart into biliverdin (green pigment), then to bilirubin (orange-yellow) and get decomposed. Is “colour blind” society as ordinary as a phenomenon of blood decomposition?

a hand weaving the thread
an embroidered piece in details

Could it be an allusion to the decay of social relations?

an embroidered piece of hand-weaved cloth

We are to answer these questions honestly, regarding our personal experience of sensing human “colours", collating them with “hues” of individuality and integrity. Meanwhile "red" still turns "green" and "green" becomes "greyish-yellow".

an embroidered piece of hand-weaved cloth