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Serendipity of Man


Like existing in two "parallel realities" stitched together by the current moment and “decorated” with imaginary standards, some of us get stuck in between the inherited patterns, spending life with fruitless dreaming and hoping for the better future, not creating it, just waiting for, while life flows with the speed of the mountain river.

a hand is sketching

We meet supporters who elate our spirit with encouragement like a shiny bird. And, we face antagonists too, who cause doubts and disillusions.

the template of the design

Blindly going some ways, we stay between the imaginary “wall” of yesterday, which we typically seek to change or improve, and the promising "wall" of tomorrow, on which we hope. By looking at the sides, some chase the phantoms, neglecting the most essential, hidden in themselves.

an embroidery close-up
an embroidery close-up

On reaching the point of awakening, we start reappraising the values, transforming, thinking: “What if all that we live by, is an illusion - a game of the imagination, expectations and dream?” Asking oneself questions - we come close to a conscious living.

an embroidery close-up

Some of us doom to “sleep” following the recurring scenarios, unable to be faithful to ourselves. They look outside, not regarding the inner eloquent substance, ignoring the freedom to build their conscious reality.

an embroidery close-up
an embroidery close-up

Those who can look inside - can wake up. On getting the “messages” written in the numerous sparkling mirrors of everyday life, they see themselves, their reality. They become enlightened, tangible, sincere, reaching the light of the gleaming mind.

a full-size quilt