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Cherry Blossom

While moonlight flows
branch drops silks —
the guiltless petals

a fragment of nuido embroidery
Lesson 1. IntroductionLesson 2. Sating FlowersLesson 3. CedarLesson 4. The Sun, the Moon and Falling PetalsLesson 5. Golden Fan & CirclesLesson 6. Blue WavesLesson 7. Admiring the Haiku

Silk embroidery in Japan has a long tradition. Since antiquity, it has been a popular way of embellishing clothing, interior and spiritual items. If you hear someone mention “Japanese silk embroidery” in their talk, the first thing that comes to your mind is an opulent silk screen, finely stitched, masterly assembled into wooden frames, in which there are placed recognisable motifs and scenes, heroes and sacred places, embodied in a tangible piece of authentic craftsmanship, as much exceptional and beautiful as the country of the rising Sun is.

a moment of stitching a closeup of golden element

With a deep sense of harmony, beauty and philosophy, one of the oldest decorative technique is carried through the years, studied and practised by diligent individuals, who understands that Silk Embroidery it is not only a hard-work or long-time practice, but also a way of perceiving the world and a way of life in admiring it and accepting its fluency, suffering, sadness and happiness.

a close-up of a cherry flower

Threads, traditionally used for "colouring" the embroideries seem to reflect all vibrancy and contrast of events occurring in human life. They merge on a silk background that accentuates their shades, portraying the tapestry of existence.

embroidered Japanese cedar

You can comprehend the real secrets, technique and true meaning of Nuido only finding an authentic school or a tutor, but no one prevents you from trying exercising some simple elements for mastering your skills of silk embroidery where you are.

needle weaved sun

I do not claim to be highly skilled in embroidery, I did not have a chance to find a real teacher of Nuido, but I was lucky to discover some books on Japanese embroidery that appeared to be incredibly useful and informative, reading them inside out gave more than I expected.

embroidered golden fan

Many, like me, put off trying and practising silk embroidery, considering it to be an extremely difficult way of fabric and thread manipulation. Be sure, I thought the same, but this embroidery tradition is worth a try.

Silk-embroidered blue weaves
silk-embroidered cherry blossoms

So, I decided to develop a design containing the classical techniques and motifs typical for Nuido. I made it for myself to have some practice and to share it with other embroidery enthusiasts and haiku lovers.

a framed piece of silk embroidery close-up

Welcome to admire this enchanting blossoming, incarnate with silk, gold and silver, sense the beauty of spring as Japanese do, breathing in its flying, lush and lively beauty.

a framed piece of silk embroidery

As always, I do it in support of mental heath and art of embroidery.

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